Symbols of the City

Petrozavodsk Coat of Arms

Coat of arms

The present-day Coat of Arms of Petrozavodsk was designed by the artist Oleg Chumak relying on the late 18th century Olonets Province Coat of Arms. An arm out of a cloud holds a shield, and four cross-chained cannonballs are underneath. These symbols first appeared during Peter the Great’s rule on the Olonetsky Regimental Colours.  

The shield-bearing arm signifies the city’s celestial guardianship. The meaning of the three crossed prospecting hammers is also easy to decipher: old-time prospectors and their modern colleagues, geologists, have always had such hammers at hand. 

But what about cannonballs?

These are special chain-shots for naval cannons. They were used to shred sails and shrouds of enemy ships.

The Peter’s factory was founded simultaneously with the Olonetskaya shipyard (now the Town of Lodeinoe Pole), and specialized on naval gunnery.

The coat of arms glorifies the history of Petrozavodsk as a military, factory-centered town that helped gain victory at sea.

Petrozavodsk flag Petrozavodsk flag