Hyperborea - 2006: results of the festival

February 18th the main holiday of the International winter festival Hyperborea – a landscape fairy show of ice, fire and snow took place on Onega lakewalk. The event included also a festive ceremony of awarding the winners of the Ice&Snow sculpture contest.

The Ice&Snow sculpture contest, which has become a popular event, gathered app. 90 participants.

The new element of this year’s contest was the requirement to use local lighting for the sculptures.

In the two categories of the snow sculptures the awards were given to participants from Karelia.

Winner in the category “Snow sculpture” (small cube) – a team of sculptors from Petrozavodsk, Anastasia Bolshakova, Serafima Kiuru, Irina Pereplesnina, sculpture “Tenderness”. Photo 4. In the category “Snow sculpture” (big cube)  the first place was given to the team of sculptors from Olonets, Karelia – Anna Kalashnik, Lyudmila Ganicheva, Irina Petrova, sculpture “Hyper Blues”. 

A team of guest sculptors from the city of Surgut was recognized the winner in the category “Ice sculpture”. Igor Verbovsky, Vitaly Gorda, Miron Volotchuk, sculpture “Windy”.

Prizes were also awarded to the teams from Sweden, Umeе, teams from Petrozavodsk. Teams of sculptors from Murmansk, Monchegorsk, Vytegra, Kondopoga also took part in the contest.

This year over 600 people took part in Hyperborea festival. Petrozavodsk City Administration, the main organizer of the event, tried to arrange the  program in a way to attract as many Petrozavodsk citizens as possible to participation in the festival. All those willing could take part in the snowmen contest, wind vane contest “Hunting the wind”. Snowmen contest proved to be the most popular among citizens – over 150 participants from 24 families turned the contest into a true people’s event.

The awarding ceremony was accompanied with the laser show, which ended up  with fireworks.


All the activities of the festival were carried out in accordance with the original plan. Petrozavodsk citizens and guests were able to take part, or support contests of ice fishing, ice swimming, freestyle kite-sailing, watch performances of the young aviators, winter hound dogs show. 


Another bright event of the festival was the “Dark/light” installation, which used light, balloons, strings of lights and was basing on the balcony of the City Hall building. During one week Norwegian designers Anki Strom and Jarle Fotland together with the students of Petrozavodsk Art school were making decorative street lamps, which became the central element of the installation.