Results of the international conference "Contemporary City Planning Trends"

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First international conference “Contemporary city planning trends” was held in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia September 19-21 2007.

Representatives of Russian architectural community and foreign countries had a chance to discuss contemporary city planning trends in different countries and exchange experience in city planning.

Conference was organized by Petrozavodsk City Administration with the participation of Karelian branch of the Union of Architects of Russia and with the support of Union of Chief Architects of Russia.

Distinguishing feature of the conference – thoroughly tailored business program – attracted interest of all the participants, among whom were Anatoly Buldakov /First vice-mayor of Petrozavodsk /, Aleksey Vorontsov, /First vice-president of the Union of Architects of Russia, Moscow/, Elena Kosorenkova /representative of Chief Architects’ Union of the Russian Federation, director general and editor of official edition of the Expert’s Council on construction, architecture and  building industry of Committee on industry, construction and high technology of the State Duma, Moscow/,Aleksey Skripitsin, /Chairman of Department on Architecture and City planning, Petrozavodsk City Administration/,Evgeny Taev, /Chief architect of Petrozavodsk/,Vladimir Lobanov /Chief artist of Petrozavodsk/,Evgeny Korshakov, /Head of Department on architecture and planning, Ministry of Construction, Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk /, Aleksandr Saveliev /Chairman of the Karelian branch of the Union of Architects of Russia, Petrozavodsk/, Vitaly Bochkov/architect, Moscow/, Viktor Lyshitsky, /Chairperson of the Committee on spatial and urban planning, Murmansk /, Yuri Kalinichenko / Head of development administration sector on city planning and development, Bryansk/, Sergei Hrachkov /Deputy Director General of LLC “Promstroimontazh”, Yatoslavl’/, Werner Mцller /representative of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Germany/, Ulla Schreiber /vice-mayor of Tьbingen  on architecture and construction, Germany/, Juha-Pekka Vartiainen, /chief architect of Joensuu city, Finland/, Angela Weiskopf /specialist on architecture, Tьbingen, Germany/, Lars-Gцran Bostrцm /Chief Planner of Umeе city, Sweden/, architects of project institute “Karelproekt”, specialists of Petrozavodsk City Administration, students of educational institutes, representatives of mass media.

Program of the conference included reports of the participants, discussions, guided tours to construction sites of Petrozavodsk, participation in opening of auto center “Ford”, acquaintance with monuments of wooden architecture of the Russian North on the Kizhi Island.

In the framework of the conference discussions took place on implementation of the National Project “Available and comfortable housing”; changes in Planning Code of the Russian Federation; new City Development plan of Petrozavodsk; new architectural city objects and spatial planning scheme of the Republic of Karelia. Information on the meetings of the Board of chief architects in Kazan’ and Moscow, as well as forthcoming 25-anniversary meeting in Saint-Petersburg in May was taken note of. In the framework of the section “Experience of reconstruction of socially and historically significant urban areas” Aleksey Vorontsov presented experience in planning and construction for the historical center of Moscow.

Interesting information was introduced by the foreign colleagues. Angela Weiskopf made examples of German experience of planning city near the water. Ulla Schreiber spoke about experience in preservation and development of the historical old town of Tьbingen. Juha-Pekka Vartiainen introduced experience of transformation of the industrial area Penttilд in the center of Joensuu city (Finland) into residential area.Lars-Gцran Bostrцm introduced development of the central part of Umeе waterfront area, and the use of modern Internet-tools (Google Earth) for presentation  of planning proposals.

Presentation of Werner Mцller, representative of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, on  Foundation’s history, experience and functions aroused particular interest. The main task of Bauhaus Dessau Foundation is search for new architectural ideas for their further application in contemporary city building with an account for functional demands to the buildings and quarters. Conference brought up such urgent questions as possibilities for reuse of territories – reconstruction of cities within existing limits with broadening territories’ functions, as well as use of industrial zones and abandoned production sites with their inclusion into the urban landscape .

Organizers of the international conference “Contemporary city planning trends” believe that such activities provide a good opportunity for experience exchange between Russian and foreign architects, thus contributing to the region’s development. All of the participants of the conference were positive about making this forum an annual event with inviting a larger number of specialists from Russia and abroad.