Finland 100


In 2017 Finland marks the 100 anniversary of its independence. A diverse program devoted to the date is realizing both in Finland and abroad.

One of such events was a concert of Finnish and Karelian groups “Finland 100” – a gift to the Karelian audience. Consul General of Finland in St.Petersburg Anne Lammila, Prime-Minister of the Republic of Karelia Aleksandr Chepik, Chairman of Joensuu City Board Seppo Eskelinen and Petrozavodsk Vice-mayor Olga Starikova welcomed the public in the National Theatre of Karelia on Friday evening November 3, 2017.

The concert program started with performance of Savo-Trio and students of Savonia Polytechnic (Finland). Tanguango Trio and Juha Kotilainen (Finland), Ballet Dance studio of the Musical Theatre of Karelia, “Stud.Dance” Choreographic ensemble and Arto Rinne and Sattuma folk group continued the program. The final part of the concert was a Finnish dancing master-class organized by Oksana Konopleva and Hannu Hyttinen. 


For decades Petrozavodsk and Karelia have many contacts to Finland. Almost every Karelian town and village has sister-municipalities in Finland. A lot of joint projects and exchanges realized. In 2015 Petrozavodsk and Varkaus celebrated 50 years anniversary of sister-relations by the bright and memorable Petrozavodsk Days in Varkaus. Petrozavodsk and Joensuu for the last few years realized a number of important joint projects: “Matkachi”, “Cities by the water”, “Contemporary Old City”, “Music: education by inspiration” and etc.

This year a number of joint events already organized in the cities: Petrozavodsk “Sudarushka” choir performed in Varkaus; photographers Yulia Ytysheva and Irina Larionova presented their works on the Varkaus Camera Club exhibition; representatives of the Town theatre of Varkaus took part in the 85 years jubilee events of the National Theatre of Karelia.

Joensuu delegation took part in the joint seminar “Russia and Finland: experience and possibilities for cross-border cooperation” which was organized in Petrozavodsk on November 2-3, 2017. Representatives of both cities took part in preparation of the joint application to the ENI “Karelia” CBC program started in 2017.   


Delegations of all cities met in Turku in May within the Congress of the sister-cities of Finland and Russia and discussed joint activities and plans. 

Till end of the year a number of joint events are planned, for ex., Petrozavodsk Children folk ensemble Kruuga will perform in Varkaus in December, youth and sport leaders are to discuss the future events.   

Joint informational, cultural actions, meetings and projects are usual and useful forms of dialog and cooperation which have confirmed its’ effectiveness already many times.