International Winter festival “Hyperborea-2019”

Annual Winter Festival “Hyperborea” takes place every February in Petrozavodsk. This time the Festival will consist of events familiar to citizens and visitors as well as of new, unique activities.

Translated from Greek, “Hyperborea” means “the land of people, living in the possessions of Northern wind”. Hyperborea was regarded by ancient Greeks as the country of happy and talented people protected by Apollo. According to some historians, the mysterious northern civilization was located in what is now Karelia and was stretching further to the Kola Peninsula.

The Festival “Hyperborea” includes the International Contest of Snow and Ice sculptures, snowballs figures show, fishermen tournament, sledging and snow-tubing at the Onega lake etc. Pleasant emotions, new acquaintances and jolly pastime are guaranteed!

The Contest of Snow and Ice Sculptures will take place on February 12-16, 2019. The Contest has three nominations:

- Ice sculpture

- Snow sculpture (large cube)

- Snow sculpture (small cube)

On Saturday (February 16), residents and guests of the Karelian capital will take part in informative exhibitions and exciting excursions, concerts and music festivals, master classes and lectures, many sport events. The brightest event of the Festival is the spectacular closing ceremony with stage performance on Saturday February 16th.

Today, “Hyperborea” is a big winter holiday. Guests from many regions of Russia, as well as foreign countries, come to Petrozavodsk to take part in it. The festival is the winner of the First National Prize of the Russian Event Awards 2012 in the nomination “The Best Project for the Promotion of Event Tourism”. In 2018, the festival became the laureate of the competition “Russian Event Expo” in the nomination “Brand of the Region”.

The program of the festival is enclosed.

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