first year kids on their first day at school

Educational system has been developing quite successfully in Petrozavodsk. Measures, taken to strengthen the system of education aim at meeting the requirements of citizens, public and state institutions in educational services. Education should be accessible, effective and of a high quality. Moreover the role of education becomes greater in social, economic and cultural development. Main directions of modernization are:

•reform of the educational institutions taking into account current poly-system educational districts;
•profile education;
•establishing tutorial boards at the educational institutions;
•providing economic mechanisms for successful schools' development.

Institutions of preschool education:

•Municipal - 75

•Groups in schools - 23

Secondary educational institutions:
•Secondary comprehensive schools - 20
•Secondary comprehensive schools with profound subjects- 7
•Lyceums - 5
•Gymnasiums - 3
•Educational center N 1
•Special boarding school N 47
•Pupils - more than 26,074 thousand (2015)

Institutions of primary vocational education:
•Vocational schools and lyceums - 5

Institutions of secondary vocational education:
•Training schools and colleges - 14

Institutions of higher education:

Petrozavodsk State University
Petrozavodsk State Conservatory
The Karelian Branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (the Karelian Branch of RANEPA)
•Branches of Moscow and St.-Petersburg Institutions of higher education - 12

City Administration Directorate on Education +7 (8142) 71 33 07