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Active interaction with various international organizations and programs is an integral part of the city’s development process. International contacts today are often carried out by means of joint implementation of various projects in such areas as social protection, culture, education, economy.


Swedish – Karelian Information and Business centre
Tel/fax +7 (8142) 76 92 57

Karelian fund "Swedish – Karelian Informational and Business centre" has been working in Petrozavodsk since 1995 according to the Protocols on Cooperation between the Republic of Karelia and the County of Vasterbotten. Its main objective is to coordinate current and new-established projects with Swedish partners and to contribute to enterprises and organizations of Karelia and Sweden with participation in exhibitions and fairs in Russia and abroad.


German Cultural Center

The Center is basically dealing with cultural, educational projects, organizes information events devoted to Germany, works in close contact with the Consulate General of Germany in St. Petersburg, Goethe Institute, German Service for Academic Exchanges (DAAD).

Petrozavodsk office of the Euro-region "Karelia" Neighbourhood program

Tel/fax: +7 (8142) 79 08 90


Main task of the office is providing assistance, consultations and information for those seeking financial support within the EU Neighbourhood program.


Petrozavodsk «West-East» Society (Tubingen) office
Tal/fax: +7 (8142) 76 73 84

The activities of Petrozavodsk «West-East» Society in Tubingen (Federal Land Baden-Wurtemberg) are directed to organize the joint cultural projects, cooperation in the sphere of social protection, health care, ecology, politics, economy, support in German and Russian visas receiving.

City Administration External Relations Department

Tel +7 (8142) 71 33 75, fax + 7 (8142) 71 36 44